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How to buy in Stores of the CaliVita - Poland

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How to buy in the Calivita Store:

If you are in the Calivita Club remember your membership code number, which is printed on the club card.

If you just want to join the CaliVita club and buy CaliVita supplements in special offers, you will need a number of the recommending person. Note the following information:

Sponsor number:
Club No. : >>> Sponsor ID <<< - click to view the code sponsor for Germany or register and buy calivita products

In the Calivita Store give this information when you enter the club. In this way you will get your
own club card witch entitles you to purchase in club prices.

In this way, you will also become our partner

Keep in mind your CaliVita Membership also includes the following:

  • Access to CaliVita nutrition, personal care, and electronics products

  • Savings of up to 50% on everything you buy

  • Special promotions, offers, and discounts for even more savings

  • Top-of-the-line natural based products backed by

  • More then $50 million invested in R&D scientific studies

  • More then 600 medical and nutritional experts

  • More then 250 natural ingredients used across the product spectrum

  • 12,000 annual product quality tests

  • Cutting edge pharmaceutical-grade FDA approved manufacturing facility

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Access to your own CaliVita web shop

  • The opportunity to have your own CaliVita business and enjoy financial rewards while helping others

  • More then 15,000,000 satisfied customers worldwide

List of Calivita stores in Poland:

See list of shops in Europe


Calivita Store in Katowice

40-082 Katowice
street: Sobieskiego 11
phone: 322 588 518


Calivita Store in Krakow

30-418 Krakow
street: Zakopianska 2a
phone: 122 691 733


Calivita Store in Poznan

60-396 Poznan
street: Zgoda 28a
phone: 616 579 339


Calivita Store in Wojcieszyn near Warsaw

05-083 Wojcieszyn
street: Warszawska 547
phone: 228 614 340


Calivita Store in Wroclaw

50-335 Wroclaw
street: Sienkiewicza 42
phone: 713 292 182


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