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120 Kapseln

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Rhodiolin Wirkstoffe/Kapsel:

Rhodiola Konzentrat (5:1,
entspricht 500 mg Pulver)

100 mg


5 mg

Wem empfehlen wir es?

  • Denjenigen, die im Alltag erhöhtem Stress ausgesetzt sind,

  • bei körperlicher und/oder geistiger Belastung,

  • zum Bewahren des allgemeinen Energie haushaltes, der Konzentration,

  • zur Verbesserung der Widerstandsfähigkeit des Organismus,

  • bei leichteren Schlafstörungen (Förderung des Einschlafens, Durchschlafens).


1-3 Kapseln täglich

(Rhodiola rosea)

Der Hauptwirkstoff der Kapsel ist die Rhodiola rosea, eine adaptogenische Heilpflanze. Die aktiven Wirkstoffe der Pflanze haben eine positive Wirkung auf das Zentralnervensystem und dank dessen können sich die Konzentrationsfähigkeit und auch die geistige und physikalische Leistung erhöhen. Es kann beim Lernen, Sport, bei Behandlung von Stress helfen, die mentale Müdigkeit senken und zum besseren allgemeinen Befinden beitragen. Das mit Zink ergänzte Rhodiolin verbessert die Widerstandsfähigkeit des Organismus gegen Krankheiten, vermindert den Stress und die Symptome der gespannten Lebensweise.

Haben Sie gewusst, dass sich die adaptogenischen Pflanzen in dem Maße in unserem Organismus verwerten, in dem Maße wir sie brauchen? Weder mehr, noch weniger! Dank dieser wunderbaren Eigenschaft verursachen diesePflanzen – im Vergleich zu Medikamenten – keine Sucht, ihre Nebenwirkungen sind nicht bekannt, sie funktionieren mit unserem Organismus mild zusammen und ihre Wirkung setzt sich auch dann fort, wenn wir sie langfristig verwenden, also man kann sich nicht daran gewöhnen.

Die Natur uns zahlreiche Heilpflanzen, mit denen wir unser Nervensystem beruhigen oder auffrischen können. Die Rhodiola rosea L. ist eine der bekanntesten bei Stressbehandlung verwendetten adaptogenen Pflanzen.

Die Geschichte der Heilpflanze geht in der traditionellen Heilung auf Jahrhunderte zuruck. Die tibetischen Arzte haben sie fur allgemeines gehalten, die auch eine Losung fur die Hohenkrankheiten sein kann. In den schriftlichen Denkmalern der asiatischen Volker wurde so gehalten, dass diejenigen, die diesen Tee taglich trinken, werden 100 Jahre lang leben


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Just relax. Live at least 100 years.

Nature has endowed us with several herbs with which we can soothe or refresh our nervous system. Rhodiola rosea L. is one of the most popular adaptogen plants of antistress effects

The herb has a centuries-long history in traditional medicine. Tibetan doctors considered it for its general restorative properties as well as its essence of vitality and it may also be used against mountain sickness. Mongolian doctors used to prescribe it against tuberculosis while in China it was used for its blood purifying and blood circulation stimulating effects. Several written records of Asian people mention this herb, the root of which they used to make tea, and they believed that whoever drank it daily would live to be 100 years old.

In the last century the effect of adaptogen has been proved scientifically. The active ingredients of these plants have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, and consequently ability to concentrate, and mental and physical performance may also be enhanced. They may offer help in learning, sporting activities, may decrease mental exhaustion and may enhance general well-being. The active ingredients may also boost the resistance of the body against diseases, help to alleviate stress as well as the symptoms caused by a stressful way of life. (You can read our article about stress in the autumn issue of CaliNews.)

The herb Rhodiola Rosea used in the Rhodiolin capsule has been the subject of continuous study in several countries around the world. But what do these studies reveal?

They suggest that the animal experiments of Camerino University have confirmed that the administration of an individual dose of the herb extract reduces acute stress.*

According to studies performed by the Lithuanian Kaunas University of Medicine, it may be effective where conditions accompanied by general weakness exist and it may increase the general resistance of cells against harmful external effects. It may have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, with problems like arrhythmia or stress occur. According to some data Rhodiola rosea formulas may stop the growth of malignant tumors as well as the formation of metastasis in the liver. **

CaliVita® Rhodiolin
The capsule
Rhodiolin was introduced into the global network of CaliVita® more than a decade ago and its success has been unbroken ever since. Based on feedback some use it to reduce or control everyday tension or in unexpectedly emerging stressful situations. Others use it to maintain their general energy level. If taken before bedtime it may help sleeping through the night by balancing the level of stress accumulated during the day.
In addition, it may be a natural supplementary component for curing depression.

So remember.

  • it is not addictive ie. it does not cause addiction,

  • it has no known side effects,

  • collaborates in a mild way with our body in order to maintain or restore its balance,

  • its effect is maintained by continued long-term use ie. it would result in habituation.

It can be excellently complemented with tablets
Stress Management or MagneZi B6 as well as BioHarmonex® device.

So it makes sense to resort to nature’s help if you feel your nervous system and body needs some mild and balanced support.

Adaptogen? It is some relative of adapter, isn’t it?

Just like an adapter for electrical appliances for example lamps, computers etc. it measures out an accurate and necessary amount of current they need for faultless operation, adaptogen plants are utilized exactly in the amounts our body requires them. No more and no less. Due to this excellent property these plants, as opposed to medicines, are not likely to cause addiction, they have no known side effects, they collaborate with our body mildly and their effects continue even if used in the long run.
(The most well-known adaptogens are: garlic, parsley, and Rhodiola rosea.)

* Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18515456
** Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15252224

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