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Hand&Body Lotion

Hand&Body Lotion


1000 ml

Wo zu kaufen:

Produkt nicht verfügbar siehe Bio-Körperlotion


Squalan (olive oil essence)

Vitamin E

panthenol (B5 provitamin)




dry skin daily care

How to use:

Every day, gently rub the lotion into your skin.

Hand&Body Lotion

With the use of Hand & Body Lotion you can provide your skin with its required needs. It contains vitamin E and olive oil useful for the body, in an up-to-date composition. With its use, your skin becomes velvety to the touch and preserves its moisture content and elasticity for a long time. It is absorbed quickly and easily. It does not have a shiny residue, so it is perfectly suitable for daily use as well.

Dry skin is not only an esthetic problem. Dry skin peels easily, is sensitive, itchy and an unpleasant stretching feeling frequently occurs.
It is the result of reduced fat
production of the sebaceous glands. Due to water deficiency the skin may crack. Cracked skin signals that the first line of defense of our body is damaged and different pathogens can penetrate more easily. The skin becomes more vulnerable to other external effects and different chemicals (detergents, dish-washing liquids).

Hand & Body Lotion
manufactured according to the most stringent cosmetic requirements. Its user protects her beauty and the health of her skin. Its most important ingredient is squalane (olive oil extract), which renders the skin smooth and elastic and due to its deep moisturizing effects slows down the aging of skin. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, which also blocks aging; it has natural moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects.
The B5 provitamin contents of
the body lotion nourishes skin, prevents the development of pimples, has skin protecting effects and regenerates skin (by eliminating the negative effects of stress). It also contains bisabolol – a skin calming substance – as well as silicon, which leaves the skin silky to the touch.

We recommend the body lotion
for every skin type and for every member of the family. Massage the lotion into your skin daily, paying
extra attention to dry, rough and
coarsened areas. Due to its discrete scent, the body lotion is pleasant to use.

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