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Silk&Shine Shampoo

Silk&Shine Shampoo


250 ml

Wo zu kaufen:

Produkt nicht verfügbar siehe Bio-Shampoo


Aloe vera

panthenol (B5-provitamin)


daily care for all hair types, especially dry and damaged hair

How to use:

Apply a small amount of shampoo to wet hair, gently massageand then rinse.

Silk&Shine Shampoo

Silk&Shine is a mild shampoo developed for everyday use. It cleanses deeply, supports the structure of hair and offers protection against the harmful effects of hair drying. Due to its mild composition, it does not irritate the eyes. Protects the health of hair and scalp. Shiny, healthy hair with volumizing effect!

In order for our hair to really become our most prized beauty procession it needs regular, thorough care. The first is to choose the adequate shampoo, but even more important: after washing our hair we should replenish the protective factors of hair: the optimal acidity of the scalp (pH value) and its normal water and fat equilibrium. All of the ingredients have been selected carefully, according to stringent cosmetic requirements, especially for the treatment of hair and scalp.

Aloe vera

  • Restores the natural moisture content of hair. Due to its antiinflammatory active agents it is beneficial for dry scalp.

  • Makes hair shiny and voluminous.


  • Gives hair elasticity, shine and long lasting moisture retaining effect.

  • Reduces split-ends and conditions hair injuries (e.g. damages caused by washing and rough combing).

  • Protects hair from drying out.

Silk&Shine Shampoo offers increased protection by helping avoid damage caused by frequent washing. It cleanses deeply, conditions hair, strengthens roots and prevents hair loss. Similarly protects against the harmful effects of hair drying.

It does not irritate the eyes, so it is recommended for children as well.
It is recommended for every hair
type, for everyday use. Its specialty
is that it contains tensides in high
concentration, which act as “active
detergents” and cleanse hair
thoroughly, but mildly.

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