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Calivita International produce and sell worldwide natural food supplements.  All Calivita products meet high FDA and GMP standards. Over 20 years Calivita products became very famous and popular. All because their quality and natural origin and come together with their high effectiveness.
Calivita best selling products are Ac-Zymes, Aquarion, Green Care, Nopalin, Ocean 21, Noni, OxyMax, Paraprotex, Pure Yuca, Strong Bones, Spirulina Chlorella, Stress Management, Rhodiolin, Virago, Xantho Plus.
All Calivita products are designed to complement needs of the body in a perfect way. In this way they work together to improve your health. Staying healthy with Calivita products you feel more energy to work and enjoy your life.
Its worth to try new Calivita organic products like Organic Acai and new Organic Noni.

Discover all exceptional Calivita products and choose your way to healthy lifestyle together with Calivita 100% natural food supplement and other amazing products.

Aquarion best luxury water filter and ionizer. Health from the water in Your cup.

Free delivery.

Noni Calivita - natural noni juice for better health and vitality. Powerful help and best solution against deseases starting from allergy, diabetes even to cancers.

How to purify body. Pick natural Calivita supplements. Ocean 21 deacidify body, Paraprotex fights parasites. OxyMax gives pure oxygen.

How to get slim. It is very easy now when You have Slim Formula or better TrimeX WMS. CoQ10 and OxyMax boost metabolism.

Calivita Organic Acai is a perfect product. It is powerful source of antioxidant. Boost metabolism so help to stay slim and keep good form.

To complement purifying treatment always use Ac-Zymes and Nopalin together with Calivita ParaProteX. This way you'll keep healthy bowels.

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