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D-drops – CaliVita ® 's neue Wunder Vitamin

D-drops – CaliVita®’s new miracle vitamin

Very little sunlight. The sun shines mainly above the clouds. Therefore, it also doesn’t warm anything. It is cold and dark. Or is it simply winter? From October to April our skin hardly produces vitamin D. And if during months with sunshine we protect our skin properly against the much talked about skin cancer, or simply sit too much in the office, our body is not able to be supplied with adequate amounts of vitamin D.

Why then do we need vitamin D?

Primarily for the healthy formation and maintenance of bones which is the first thing that springs to mind for many people. However, thanks to recently performed highlighted studies it has transpired that vitamin D has an extraordinarily complex and more important role in the healthy functioning of the human body than had been previously believed. And by now we also know that despite our body’s ability to synthesize it with the help of UV-B rays, its deficiency is becoming a wide-spread disease.

How can this be?

It seems that we do not spend enough time in the open air. So “thanks” to the weather and our lifestyle, in the northern hemisphere we are not exposed to sunshine to the extent that would be enough to guarantee our adequate vitamin D production. Moreover, these insufficient amounts, produced by synthesis, change from season to season. For example in winter these amounts are almost insignificant. The frequent and prolonged application of several medications such as steroid-based anti- inflammatory and cholesterol reducing drugs also blocks the production of vitamin D. Furthermore, with the advance of age our capacity to produce vitamin D deteriorates further while our diet usually does not cover even a fraction of our daily demand.

The importance of vitamin D

By examining the large population through reliable research over the past few years, we may feel that vitamin D is some kind of a panacea. It participates not only in the formation and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth but also reduces the risk of development of several forms of tumors such as in the colon and breast andit may protect against both types of diabetes. In addition, it may contribute to female hormonal health and fertility. During pregnancy and lactation it has paramount importance. Moreover it may offer protection against later developing nervous and psychic diseases such as: schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Parkinson disease, autism, epilepsy, Alzheimer disease, depression, and postnatal depression. To put it briefly, supplementing it may greatly contribute to the preservation of your health. Contrary to popular belief up until now, overdosing on it is not that easy as the symptoms of overdose occur only in cases of extremely high doses (10 000 IU) taken over a duration of many months.

woman on the grass
However, vitamin D demands change depending on age and condition and its deficiency increases the risk of diseases. In childhood it is extremely important for bone formation, normal muscle function and later on in life it ideally may reduce the risk of cardiovascular, autoimmune diseases as well as inflammations. In old age, it prevents bone loss as well as helps preserve muscle strength and mental freshness. During pregnancy a lack of vitamin D is extremely frequent and its intake contemporarily supports the mother’s and the fetus’ body and may also determine the health condition of the child later on. A lack of it increases the risk of cardiac infarction by 2.5 and blood pressure can also become elevated.
Obese people have a higher vitamin D demand than the average person and for the former an adequate vitamin D intake would have a positive influence on insulin resistance.

From now on the preservation of your health is made easier. We present you D-drops, CaliVita®’s latest vitamin D formula. We have created D-drops so that its use could be simple and easily personalized for every member of the family. Being a liquid formula with a dropper, it is easy to dose in a personalized way, either for children or the elderly. Its taste is pleasant due to its natural citrus ingredients and at the same time it is not overly characteristic, so it can be mixed into foods and beverages. In the course of manufacturing this liquid formula we do not apply any artificial flavors, sugar, sweeteners or artificial colorants.

Not only is it easy to apply, our new product contains D3 cholecalciferol, the most active form of vitamin D, which better elevates the vitamin D levels of blood than D2 (ergocalciferol) form. The best natural source of vitamin D3 is cod liver oil, so we also included it in our formula. Moreover, the serving is also economic, as one bottle may contain as much as 300 doses.* D-drops are a well-paid investment for health preservation. Adequate vitamin D levels could decrease flu cases by 90%, so of course we could also save money spent on flu treatment. **

In view of the results of the past few years, several medical organizations, including the National Health Institute of Harvard University, support the idea of increasing the present officially recommended daily dose of vitamin D by at least 30-60%.
Its supplementation is especially important in dark, fall and winter seasons, in pregnancy, for bodies in development, following menopause, in old age as well as in the case of absorption problems and obesity.

With the help of CaliVita® you also can do something for your health in an extremely simple and effective way with natural ingredients. Take this opportunity.

* Counting with recommended daily dose (for adults 3 drops – 1200 IU/day)

Ingredients/3 drops (approx. 0,1 ml):
Vitamin D3 1200 IU

Did you know that

  • a correlation has been demonstrated between vitamin D levels and depression?

  • in winter the incidence of depression grows?
  • tanning beds are not suitable for vitamin D supplementation? With UVA rays emitted by tanning beds our body cannot synthesize vitamin D, only from UVB rays.


  • Do not exceed the daily recommended dose.

  • Store away from direct sunshine.

  • Do not apply in the case of hypocalcaemia.

  • In the case of kidney stones and sarcoidosis, consult your doctor.

  • In the case of applying any other formula containing vitamin D, consult your doctor.

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Vitamin D, winter and summer

Do not assume you don’t need vitamin D in the spring.

Nearly 50% of the population of Europe have an inadeqaute vitamin D supply even in months of sunshine. This ratio may rise during winter to 70%-80%.

morning coffeeIn a study performed in the summer of 2011, blood donors aged between 20-60 and active, elderly people who regularly partake in sport, were examined. The findings showed that 63% of the people above the age of 43 have vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency, while in young people the result was 41%. These results are shocking as all this happened despite the fact that the study was performed in summer with adults who were healthy and/or do outdoor athletic activities.2 In view of the findings, one can easily imagine the possible results for people who lead a less active lifestyle or struggle with health problems!

So supplementing with vitamin D is also necessary even in spring and summer.
Now let us examine why.

Having the sun shining outside means nothing if we sit indoors in an office from 8am to 5 pm.
view through the blindsWe can gain adequate amounts and quality of sunshine only by regular sunbathing. The ability to be exposed to adequate amounts and quality of sunshine varies according to different time periods, regions. It is important to know that although our skin’s ability to synthesize vitamin D is high, after a certain amount of light the amount of vitamin D will not grow further. So it is better for us not to delude ourselves that during a two-week holiday we can recharge our body with enough vitamin D for an entire year, especially if we spend these 2 weeks with refurbishing our home. And we should not forget about children who spend time indoors in front of computers or TV addiction.

Sun protection creams
Family doctors and dermatologists continue to recommend we protect our skin against the sun’s radiation with adequate clothing and sun protection creams, especially if we are exposed to sunlight continuously such as people working outdoors and children on vacation. However, sun protection creams from factor 8 upwards may decrease vitamin D production by more than 90%, even though they may help reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Age, illnesses, and other characteristics
child by the windowWith the advancement of age, the thinning of skin, the deterioration of vitamin D transforming ability of our kidneys, and the development of illnesses, our body’s ability to produce vitamin D decreases. Fat absorption disorders, a diet lacking in vegetables or fish,being overweight, smoking, lactose intolerance, having a sun allergy, dangerous moles, and darker skin types, may all be a good reason to protect our skins better and may all contribute to the fact that or skin can synthesize less vitamin D from the same amounts of vitamin D.

Improper diet
We do not consume - neither in winter nor in summer - adequate amounts of food containing vitamin D or food enriched with vitamin D. Even experts say that we cannot observe the new recommendations concerning intake in elevated amounts only with diet, as no-one should eat 33 eggs or more than 6 kilos of feta per day.

The solution is simple.

D dropsD drops containing D3, the most effective form of vitamin D extracted from naturally sourced – cod – with
orange and lemon flavoring is a simple solution for the whole family.

A natural, liquid formula with a drop doser.
Contains no added sugar or sweeteners.
Contains no artificial aromas or colorants.

Ingredients/ 3 drops (approx. 0,1 ml):
Vitamin D3 1200 IU


  • Do not exceed the daily recommended dose!

  • Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat. Do not freeze.

  • Do not apply it in case of hypercalcaemia!

  • In case of kidney stones and sarcoidosis consult your doctor!

  • If you take other formulas containing vitamin D consult your doctor!

1 – UN 2005.
2 - D-vitamin-ellátottság felmérése Vas megye egészséges véradói körében/ Vitamin D supply among healthy blood donors in County Vas, Hungary – É. Virágh, D. Horváth, Z. Lőcsei, L. Kovács, R. Jáger, B. Varga, G. Kovács L., E. Salamonné Toldy; Orvosi Hetilap 153./vol 41.; 1629-1637, Akadémiai Kiadó 2012


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