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Organic Noni - Bio Noni Saft

Organic Noni

Organic Noni provides the body of valuable nutrients, such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and a very important proxeronine. Noni fruit included in the product comes from the organic farms and therefore must comply with rigorous criteria for organic production, including among others: prohibition on the use of mineral nitrogen fertilizers, growth promoters, genetically modified organisms, ionizing radiation, the maximum limit for the use of chemicals. In addition, organic production does not pollute the soil and water, and the producted fruit are tastier and richer in nutrients (antioxidants, minerals, polyphenols).

Not to be mislead by buying organic foods, read the labels carefully on which in the European Union mandatory should be find the name and identification number of the certification body for organic production, the European organic food logo and information about the origin of the product. Follow the trends, be eco!

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Treasures of Untouched Nature

Nowadays, when overpopulation and the unlimited demands of people living in developed countries (that constitute the minority of the world’s population) forces food producers to manufacture more raw materials; we are never aware of what we actually consume. Exploited soils are artificially “compelled” to increase profits and they draw territories into agriculture where normally nothing would grow. For this purpose extremely aggressive chemicals are used. This is precisely the reason for the ever-growing demands for food from pure sources and the increasing number of conscious organic consumers.

The criteria of the qualification “organic” differ from country to country although it is usually common that it is determined by the area of land that can be sewn, the kind of seeds they can be used, the chemicals that can be applied in order to protect crops, and in the case of cattle, the circumstances they should be kept in order to process organic food from them.

According to a British study, in one third of food, pesticide residues have been found, regrettably in baby food, fresh salmon, fruit and vegetables which we consume in good faith, as part of a healthy diet. We can protect ourselves against it by purchasing our food only from reliable sources. The qualification “organic” can be achieved only by meeting stringent conditions, so it is worthwhile buying from companies with a great past which can justify the rightfulness of the qualification.

Morinda citrifolia, or better known as noni, is a tree indigenous to South-East Asia and Australia the fruit of which can be used for multiple purposes. On these areas we can find an almost untouched natural unity undisturbed by humans and their artificial chemicals used to exploit the soil to the extreme. It is good to know that noni may serve as a source of food and be a useful addition to the medicine cabinet, while the plant itself is “pure” and does not contain chemical residues.

Noni, as the complement of a balanced diet may promote the healthy functioning of our body.Among its precious compounds there are several antibacterial substances which have been examined by scientists. Studies have proved it to be effective against many bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella responsible for the majority of food infections, or Helicobacter pyroli participating in the development of gastric ulcers. It has also proved effective against such microorganisms as the pathogen of TBC which again affects many. Its antifungal and antiviral active ingredients have been studied and have been found to be effective in many cases.
When our immune system weakens, Candida fungus species living naturally in the body may multiply, causing unpleasant symptoms. At the same time other studies have shown that noni efficiently blocks the multiplication of one of the most frequent species of Candida (Candida albicans).
Several studies examined it as a possible complement of tumorous diseases. The results were promising, as it has slowed down the growth of cancer cells in many tumors under laboratory circumstances, while according to other studies it rendered the straining anti-tumor therapy bearable for patients.
It may be effective in the case of cardiovascular complaints, as it contains anti-hypertensive and diuretic active ingredients. Many studies have proved that noni if consumed regularly may help to normalize cholesterol and trygliceride levels.
So noni may be a valuable complement of a balanced diet, as its several beneficial properties may contribute to a full and healthy life.

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