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What's the secret of BEAUTY FORMULA? Why is it the best choice for you?

Beauty FormulaBeauty Formula is the only one in the market a unique set. Complex product of such high ... percent of active ingredients in one tablet. It contains a high dose of collagen, field horsetail, amino acids, zinc, silicon, and many many other beneficial ingredients to maintain support and to preserve the beauty and good condition of skin, hair and nails

Being a star is a dream of every little girl. But
the older we are, we have more and more complex and we feel less and less attractive. Also, our men, they are not completely satisfied  with their appearance. According to research in Poland by CBOS (2009), almost half of Poles would like to make a difference in their physical appearance and according to TNS (2011) 82% of Polish women interested in the ways and methods allowing to improve the beauty and keep a youthful appearance!

Most of us would like to improve their figure, the hair and the appearance and condition of the skin.

Today, the dream of a beautiful skin, strong nails and shiny hair can come true ... With the Beauty Formula You will bring out your own beauty and you will feel more self-confident! It's all thanks to the unique composition of the Beauty Formula.

Vitamin A
- Supports the correct structure of hair and nails,
- Helps maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes,
- Acts as antioxidant

Vitamin C
- Affects the synthesis of collagen,
- Protecting DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative damage

B vitamins (B2, niacin, B6, B12)
- Help maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes,
- Help maintain the good condition of the hair and nails

- Ensure the maintenance of skin elasticity,

- Strengthens hair and nails

- Is responsible for maintaining the condition of the skin, hair and nails,
- Acts as antioxidant

- Is important in the construction of cellular membranes

- Plays an important role in maintaining normal skin and hair pigmentation,

- Is an important trace element for preserving the appropriate structure of hair, skin and nails

- Is responsible for the elasticity of the skin,
- Supports the correct structure of hair and nails

Amino Acids: L-methionine, L-cysteine
- Support the proper condition of the hair and nails

Horsetail extract
- Strengthens hair,
- Makes nails become more resistant to fracture,
- Supports skin elasticity of the collagen fibers

Common nettle extract
- Helps to maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes,
- It supports the formation of collagen,
- Helps maintain the good condition of the hair and nails

Nowadays, appearance is very important. Affect the success of both in personal life and in your career. The object of our efforts is not as it used mainly fitting outfit for improving but attention to our body, skin firmness and smoothness, shiny hair and healthy nails. Join the people satisfied with themselves and remember that the more you accept yourself, your appearance, the more attractive you are perceived by others.

Use your natural charm and change attitude  ... love yourself. Once a week, relax in a hot bath with aromatic, moisturizing body oils so that you ease stress - one of the main factors causing skin aging. Every day, rub in body suitable lotion for example Hand&Body Lotion, and once a week make peeling that prepares your skin to other cosmetics. Take care also with delicate make-up that hugs your face and adds shine. But remember to always wash makeup in the evening thoroughly of the face and clean skin with cleansing milk such as Aquabelle Hydrating Cleanser Lotion. Have a perfume, energizing the whole day. Choose light and fresh smells, providing a great mood. In addition, take care of your hair and nails, which are showcase - not only women but also men, and once a week indulge your face with mask suited to your skin type. A beneficial effect on your appearance is also a great drink water at about 2 liters a day - best filtered and ionized water, 6-9 hours of sleep and sports, which not only sculpts the figure, but oxygenates all the cells and slows down the aging process of the body.

Now will you manage to shine every day!


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