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Enjoy a carefree vacation

There are many people who all year round, only wait for summer to arrive. The lucky ones may enjoy two weeks of vacation at a stretch, when they have nothing to do but rest and enjoy sunny weather. At such times we tend to forget about the dangers lurking, which may ruin our much anticipated relaxation.
Such inconveniences may occur during an exotic journey, or may be caused by diarrohea if we eat food which was improperly treated or stored in the heatwave. This condition is hard to stand even for healthy, adult people, but for some people it may bring further problems. For children, elderly people, persons of weakened immunity, expectant mothers in addition to the strain, the infection and liquid loss may be dangerous. So such situations should be prevented. We should buy food only from reliable sources, and consume it after adequate heattreatment and observe the rules of hygiene in summer too.
It is good to know that our body can be prepared for the attack of pathogenic bacteria. The easiest way is to apply some probiotics as a cure before we go on a vacation. According to a study, from among those travelling to Egypt and taking combined probiotics containing Lactobacillus acidophilus, less people catch gastrointestinal infections as compared to the control group taking placebo. The network of CaliVita® now supports your carefree vacation with its renewed AC-Zymes. From now on, the usual amounts of Lactobacillus acidophilus are available in smaller, easy-to-swallow capsules, to help us prepare for the summer.
Another very unpleasant summer infection is chill affecting the urinary tracts, which might ruin the whole vacation. One of its most frequent pathogens is E.coli. This bacterium may cause inconveniences either due to inadequate hygiene or innate susceptibility. Prevention may be of key importance in this case too. We should dry ourselves thoroughly and change our swimming dress after bathing for a dry one. In the case of known susceptibility, as prevention or cure as well, it is worthwhile applying natural formulas before commencing an aggressive antibiotic cure. Fortunately, we have a natural substance against E.coli called D-mannose. Carbohydrates eliminated with urine can bind E.coli bacteria, thereby “purifying” urinary tracts from adhering pathogens. In URX, which is available again in our network, we have combined D-mannose with cranberries, the beneficial effects of which has been mentioned already in 19th century’s documents. In short, our product range allows us to fight against infections of the urinary tracts with mild methods.

Thanks to campaigns calling attention to the harmful effects of sunlight, an increasing number of people also try to protect their skin. However, it is lesser known that our eyes should also be protected. Lutein and zeaxanthine are substances, which participate in building up the eyes and contribute to keeping them healthy. They protect eyes against the harmful effects of free radicals, the so called blue light, which is the retina damaging part of sunlight. Lutein Plus includes blueberry extract, which with its anthocyanidin component contributes to the health of the blood vessels of the eyes. Furthermore, it helps maintain the normal functioning of the retina. We have rendered our product really complex with added vitamins C and A, so we not only offer the micronutrients necessary for the health of the eye, but to the protection of our skin as well. These well-known vitamins can ward off the harmful effects of the sun either in eyes or skin and through their antioxidant effects may also be effective against aging skin.
Be prepared for the summer, in order to enjoy your vacation in perfect safety and tranquility.

The formulas can be no substitute for a varied, balanced diet, nor a healthy way of life.
Do not exceed the daily recommended dose.
Keep out of the reach of children.

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Summer Tips – Part One

No doubt summer is the time for carelessly enjoying good weather; however, it is worth taking some good advice so that nothing can cast its shadow over these marvellous three months! With a little attention and tiny tips you can ensure the protection of yourself and your family!

sunbathing on the water
In summer you sweat more even without any physical activity so it is necessary to always ensure the suitable supplement of liquids and minerals and not only on the beach. It is a good idea to always carry half a litre of liquid with you; what is more, there is no need to worry about your shape either if you consume pure water or unsweetened tea. If you fill your flask or half-litre bottle with Aquarion ionised alkaline water, you will not only support your body with an excellent antioxidant but you will also save your wallet and your environment as you need not pay a higher price for the mineral water and you do not produce extra waste by disposing the bottles!
Take care of yourself while on the beach! If you take the necessary precautions, you can avoid not only sunburn but you can also retain suntan longer. In addition to the suitable sun protection, also prepare your skin internally for sun-bathing. If you frequently consume beta-carotene, the tanned complexion you obtained on the beach will last longer, while it will also help protect you from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Besides, thanks to its antioxidant characteristics, it can also contribute to retaining the flexibility of the skin and the protection of the eyes. Did you know that lutein, also a member of the carotene group, has similar features?
While on the beach, it is easy to catch cystitis, especially for those susceptible to this, which can considerably embitter the joys of the holidays. However, there are natural methods to help you avoid the possible inconveniences or, when there is trouble already, they can excellently supplement drug therapies. Most frequently the bacterium E. Coli lies in the background of cystitis cases, which is excellently bound by D-mannose and its effect mechanism is extremely simple: if there is E. Coli in the urine, D-mannose binds it and removes it from the body, thus preventing it from attaching to the wall of the bladder and then causing inflammations. Real high-quality products, such as Calivita’s URX preparation, also contain herbs of diuretic effect (e.g. buchu, nettle) and of course blueberry, which has long been used in folk medicine against bladder inflammations.
It is clear that a little attention can ensure your careless summer months! So do your bit to make sure nothing spoils your well-deserved relaxation.

Internally applied UV-protection does not provide full protection against harmful radiation; use external UV-protection as well (sun tan lotions, sunglasses) and follow the rules of sun-bathing!
URX does not substitute treatment prescribed by the physician. In case of any complaints, consult your physician!

Structural basis of tropism of Escherichia coli to the bladder during urinary tract infection - Chia-Suei Hung, Julie Bouckaert, Molecular Microbiology Vol 44, Iss 4, p 903–915, May 2002


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