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Everyday stress

Nowadays, our lifestyle is dictated by ever-faster pace of life. Fulfillment of high expectations at work and at home, different kinds of conflicts, illness, injury, financial problems, pollution and many other factors, is the source of many everyday stress.

In contrast to prehistoric man, who only occasionally was subjected to stress, and owed his survival reactions "fight or flight", experiences of modern man are chronically sowing much higher havoc in the human body.

meditationThe rapid advancement of technology and civilization made it presently man can not adapt to the changes caused by new challenges. Evolutionary adaptation did not prepare him for a new type of stress. It is no wonder that 80% of diseases are associated with the negative impact of stress on our bodies. Dr. Hans Selye found that the body's response to various stimuli can arrange for a well-described group of symptoms and called it "General Adaptation Syndrome" (GAS). It proceeds in three stages, namely:
1) "Alarm" occurs to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, followed by an increased release of catecholamines and corticosteroids. Alarm phase is characterized by the predominance of catabolic processes in the body.
2) "Resistance" or "adaptation" - if the reason that causes the stress continues, the body reacts to it increased resistance. Anabolic overcome excessive catabolic and
body becomes more resistant to stress. If at this stage the body's internal balance (homeostasis) will not be restored, developing the so-called adaptive disease.
3) "Exhaustion" prolonged exposure to stressful factor makes the resistance, rising during the second phase, wears off. The body is no longer able to continue defend itself and becomes ill. Considering the fact that almost 80% of all diseases have their roots in stress, it seems that most of us are now living in a "stage of exhaustion." Unfortunately, our diet full of processed and refined foods and so devoid of essential nutrients, it is not able to protect us against long-term stress. As a result, there are major social and medical problems of our time, the diseases of civilization: malignant tumors, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression.

In the recent years the interest of many research centers have become adaptogenic plants which help keep the body in a state of internal balance and when increased load situations motivate it to act. Rhodiola rosea, also known as "arctic root" or "golden root", has many unique features that put it at the forefront of adaptogenic plant. It grows in the mountainous areas of eastern Siberia, at an altitude of 3,300 - 6,000 meters above sea level. Residents of South and Central Asia have used it ever since. Among them circulates a common opinion that "who drinks tea from Rhodiola will live more than a hundred years."

RhodiolinOne of the most important activities of this plant is to maintain or restore the natural state of the body's internal balance (homeostasis). Adaptogenic properties make the person is able to evaluate life situations differently. As a result, less likely the emergency response phase occur and extend the phase of resistance. Modification of the stress response helps to maintain good physical and mental health and vitality in old age. If you want to learn today of the Rosary mountain beneficial properties, see for yourself by purchasing food supplement Rhodiolin, that as each Calivita product is covered 100% satisfaction guarantee.

STRESS MANAGEMENTSTRESS MANAGEMENT B-COMPLEX is another food supplement that allows to maintain calm and composure and also mental performance. The tablets contain the full spectrum of B vitamins and vitamin C and magnesium. The complex of B vitamins include several compounds with different activity: all the important B vitamins, vitamin H (biotin), para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), choline and inositol. In properly selected complex of B vitamins all the ingredients work together and mutually reinforcing effectiveness of its action in the body, calming and relieve nervous tension, protect the cardiovascular system.

MagneZi B6Less stress, more energy. If you feel that you lack energy, you are often overwhelmed by tiredness? MagneZi B6 Formula is what you need! The product offers excellent support during the full of tension, stressful days. It is worth for reach for it in the initial phase of stress. Product with high dose of easily absorbable magnesium is perfect for complement deficiency of this precious element. In the later period, to maintain normal levels of magnesium, vitamin B6 and zinc daily dose of multivitamins may be sufficient.


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