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Take care of your heart - ingredients found in these products have a positive effect on the heart
Products available in the global Calivita International network, may not be available in all countries. Calivita products list is for informational purposes only! Represents the most appropriate supplements to support the body's functions for a given ailment. None of the products, or product ingredients referred to herein are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, or medical condition. No statement, claim, opinion or information relating to any product, or product ingredient is intended to be, nor should be construed as medical advice.

Protection of our cardiovascular system

Did you know that cardiovascular diseases cause the highest number of deaths out of non-infective illnesses? And did you know that many of the risk factors lying behind these diseases can be significantly reduced or eliminated? Give up smoking, do sports and have a healthy diet. Do you say this is not easy? You will surely succeed in small steps!

As always, we can do something to help you. Although we cannot change your lifestyle, we have developed several products for the protection of your heart. In addition to well-known Q10 and resveratrol, here are a few other suggestions to support the healthy operation of your heart.

Omega 3 ConcentrateEPA and the DHA fatty acids in the valuable fish oil found in the gel capsule can effectively reduce the level of lipids, such as triglyceride in the blood, associated with the development of arteriosclerosis, while increasing the level of protective HDL cholesterol. What is more, our updated product contains the same quantity of essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA in smaller capsules!

Polynesian Noni Juice – Among other things, Noni is considered a superfruit because its consumption may have a positive impact on almost all of our organ systems. According to a study conducted in 2010, noni could effectively reduce the levels of triglyceride and bad LDL cholesterol without any side effects. Another study made the conclusion that the fruit can be an effective supplement to the treatment of high blood pressure, which also offers heart protection effect in the long run.

Power Mins – The minerals contained in the preparation, such as calcium, magnesium or potassium, are indispensible in order to maintain the healthy operation of the heart, while they also take part in the regulation of blood pressure and the maintenance of healthy salt-water balance. On the other hand, copper, manganese and selenium provide antioxidant protection for the cells that veins are made up of.

Take part in regular medical check-ups as this is the best way to monitor your health state. Even if you are so lucky that no disorders are found, it is important to constantly take active part in protecting your health. Do not forget that your body can only perform if you give it everything it needs!

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