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The ingredients contained in these products support the body during exposure to stress - calming, soothing stress and its effects, and increase resistance to stress
Products available in the global Calivita International network, may not be available in all countries. Calivita products list is for informational purposes only! Represents the most appropriate supplements to support the body's functions for a given ailment. None of the products, or product ingredients referred to herein are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, or medical condition. No statement, claim, opinion or information relating to any product, or product ingredient is intended to be, nor should be construed as medical advice.

Get rid of stress

Shaking hands? Burst of anger without reason? Sleep disorders? Headaches? Hair loss? Stomach aches? Impatience? Memory problems? Dejection? These signs may be our body’s response to increased stress.* The underlying causes of stress are mainly negative stimuli.

What is stress?

The everyday meaning of stress is “continuous tension” or “lasting nervousness”. In greater detail: stress is our body’s response to some change requiring physical, mental or emotional reaction or response. Thus the change involves the opportunity of stress. In our hectic world everything changes constantly so it is no wonder that stress has already become a worldwide pandemic.

Still we need stress. How can this be?

According to the model published by Professor Selye 1 who gained international notoriety by his research into stress, stress can be divided into two types: stress and distress. Eustress, the so called “good stress” emerges in situations that can be solved; it has a boosting and stimulating effect on us, it makes us productive. Distress (negative stress) causes frustration, helplessness, disappointment and fatigue. So the solution is the golden mean. Total lack of stress results in enervation or apathy, while continuous stress may even cause illness.

Do we recognize stress situations?

Everyone reacts differently to difficult situations so there can be absolutely different physical, behavioral and mental changes. In an unexpected situation, shaking, sweating, high pulse rate, shortness of breath, muscle strain, headache, panic or feeling of anger may occur immediately. Continuous, negative stress may affect our health. It may result in anxiety, depression, indigestion, hypertension, sleep disorders, even cardiac disorders, and it may affect menstrual cycles, and consequently fertility and infertility.

Who are the most risk?

Different researches point to different groups as most at risk. Some say the elderly; others say active men are at risk the most. At the same time for example pregnancy or returning to work after vacation or back to school may also cause stress. Stress is present in all our lives so we should pay attention to its signs.

Good advice to treat stress instantly:

If you have a stressful life, in addition to breathing deeply, counting to ten and excluding every noise, there is a simple protocol that is worth following:

1.Try to estimate sincerely the given situation and imagine what the worst thing that may happen is.

2. Prepare yourself to tolerate it if it happens.

3. When you are prepared for the worst then try to imagine how to make it better. (Advanced level students may develop it further in the direction of the best outcome.)

So is there a solution?

As symptoms differ, there cannot be a one and only, universal solution that everyone accepts and adopts. Yoga, tai chi, meditation or any kind of sports or stress management training may help. There are some who find a solution in a cup of herbal tea or aromatherapy baths: others swear by time spent in the open air. A proper diet may also help us to cope with stress more easily. Magnesium may be useful as well as vitamin Bs or some herbs (for example Rhodiola rosea). But the most important thing is to try to change or alleviate stressful situations.

*The underlying cause of the above mentioned symptoms may be other illnesses as well. If you experience one of them in the long run or to an increased extent, seek medical advice.
1 Dr. Selye János (1907-1982) or Hans Selye – Canadian internist, chemist of Austro-Hungarian origin.

Stress Management – being a complex vitamin B formula it supports the normal functioning of the nervous system, also beneficially affects the energy balance of the body, so it is especially recommended for periods of increased mental or physical strain. It may be harmoniously complemented with the following products: Rhodiolin, Magnezi B6 and Bioharmonex® device.

Everyday stress

Nowadays, our lifestyle is dictated by ever-faster pace of life. Fulfillment of high expectations at work and at home, different kinds of conflicts, illness, injury, financial problems, pollution and many other factors, is the source of many everyday stress. The rapid advancement of technology and civilization made it presently man can not adapt to the changes caused by new challenges. Evolutionary adaptation did not prepare him for a new type of stress. It is no wonder that 80% of diseases are associated with the negative impact of stress on our bodies. Unfortunately, our diet full of processed and refined foods and so devoid of essential nutrients, it is not able to protect us against long-term stress. As a result, there are major social and medical problems of our time, the diseases of civilization: malignant tumors, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression.

In the recent years the interest of many research centers have become adaptogenic plants which help keep the body in a state of internal balance and when increased load situations motivate it to act.

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