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Coenzyme Q10



90 capsules

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Ubiquinone (CoQ10)

10 mg


1000 I.U.

Vitamin E

10 I.U.


10 mcg


Coenzyme Q10:
- Ensure the normal cell metabolism,
- Deficiency may interfere with the work of the heart and circulatory system,
- Regulates blood pressure,
- In clinical trials using chemotherapy together with the Q10, reduced side effects of chemotherapy.


As a dietary supplement take 1-3 capsules daily, or as directed.

One capsule of CoQ10 provides as much as much CoQ10 as 2 kg of salmon or 3 whole chicken legs.

Coenzyme Q10 - food supplement

Supply your cells with the necessary energy source and you will be satisfied with the result! Q10 is a substance which is indispensable for the energy supply of our cells. If our cells get their dues, they energize the whole body. The result? Working ability, energy and agility outdoing even the young people.

The energy supply of our cells – and so the whole of our body – is guaranteed by coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10, ubiquinone). This substance is present in each of our cells, it helps nutrients transform into ATP (adenosine triphosphate) that is into energy carrier. If a cell needs energy, primarily gets it by decomposing ATP. Q10 is produced on the one hand in the liver; on the other hand we ingest it with food. It is important to know that that the endogenous production of Q10 decreases with advancement of age (from 30-35 years on).

Q10 may offer help not only in case of decreased production on elderly age, but in case of increased physical-mental strain, or in people following an unbalanced diet. It guarantees enhanced energy production and less fatigue. Q10 is not a drug, but a natural substance produced by our body as well. No side effect of Q10 has been detected until now. Besides its energizing effect it is indispensable for the energy producing processes on the cellular level, helps maintain healthy cardiac functions; by its antioxidant effects promotes the protection of cells against the harmful effects of free radicals.


  • Sensitive to heat and light, it should be considered in storing! The quality of clean Q10 decreases above 35 Celsius degrees.

  • The beneficial effects of Q10 show after some weeks of consumption.

  • In order to avoid repeated deficiency, it is recommended to take continuously a maintaining dose of 10-30 mg daily

  • The use of the dietary supplement would not influence the endogenous Q10 production in the liver. So we should not worry that our body “forgets” producing it on.

  • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

  • Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet.

  • Keep out of reach of young children.

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Coenzyme Q10 – Friend of our heart and the catalyst of cells
Have you ever thought about what goes on in your body and in your cells when you feel energetic or tired? Well, it would take too long to explain the whole process but it is for sure that our cells are working busily and unceasingly even in our most exhausted moments: they burn and store energy, rebuild themselves, “manufacture” enzymes, proteins,and fatty acids.

For this extraordinary work the presence of certain molecules is essential, including coenzyme Q10 or abbreviated as CoQ10. This tiny molecule is vital for us as it participates not only in building up the energy storehouse of cells but at the same time it is a powerful antioxidant in that it protects cells.

Above 30, everyone needs a bit extra.

While our body is able to produce Q10 on its own , the amounts start diminishing from the age of 30. In addition, it is good to know that some frequently and extensively applied medications,for example some cholesterol reducing, psychiatric formulas, heart rate regulatives, and diabetes productsas well as smoking, block Q10 production. Its demands can be covered from diet only partially, since for 30 mg Q10 intake we should eat near 1 kilogram of beef, which is one of its best sources and therefore for the sake of maximum performance and protection it makes sense to consume it in the form of dietary supplements.

What are the beneficial effects of Q10?

On the one hand it is a powerful antioxidant, reduces the harmful effects of free radicals, protecting every cell, cell multiplication processes and unsaturated fatty acids, thereby delaying ageing as well. On the other hand, even more importantly, it supports circulation, cardiac health and function, and protects blood vessels.

However, it participates in the daily metabolism of all our cells, but for organs performing such intensive work like the liver or heart, sufficient CoQ10 intake is necessary all the time. According to studies examining people suffering from hypertension a daily 2x50 mg CoQ10 intake efficiently reduced blood pressure as well as LDL cholesterol levels while elevating the levels of HDL cholesterol providing protection, so it reduced the most important risk factors responsible for arteriosclerosis.

Fortunately, Q10 can be helpful not only in prevention but it also has a significant role in treating already existing problems. Studies prove that taking 120 mg CoQ10 daily commenced 3 days following infarction significantly supported recovery and reduced the occurrence of further cardiac events such as infarction, arrhythmia, angina etc. Results were also outstanding in the case of people suffering from chronic cardiac insufficiency. They have been monitored for 1 year, while applying daily 2 mg of CoQ10/body weight. In their case the incidence of pulmonary edema and cardiac asthma accompanying cardiac insufficiency has been significantly reduced.

Q10 may contribute not only to cardiac health but to the preservation of mental abilities as well. For example it has been observed that an increased dose of Q10 taken for 16 months significantly improved the condition of Parkinson’s disease sufferers. Moreover, it has beneficial effects for those struggling with migraine since several studies have revealed that as little as 150 mg/day of Q10 reduces migraine attacks by half.

In addition, whether you endure increased physical strain or a stressful way of life, listen to the signals your body is giving you and supplement with Q10.

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